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Quillin Development is a privately owned, Los Angeles based real estate investment and development company, focused on urban infill locations in California. Our investment strategy is centered around a core vision for identifying residential investment opportunities with potential for significant capital appreciation through land entitlement, development/re-development, and community design. Our mission is to create dynamic residential, multifamily, and mixed-use developments that provide positive fiscal impacts to neighborhood communities, while utilizing designs to incorporate green building practices and sustainable materials.

Quillin employs a full-spectrum development approach, managing the investment process throughout all phases of asset acquisition, planning and entitlement. On select projects, Quillin also manages the construction and sales processes together with its general contractor affiliate and sales and marketing team of professionals.

The Quillin executive group has over 35 years of combined experience in California real estate development, specializing in acquisition, land planning, entitlement, construction, and sales and marketing. The Quillin core management team has sponsored on behalf of institutional and private investors, the investment, development and management.


Quillin  has no strict criteria by which it evaluates potential opportunities. However, generally speaking, the company acquires potential development projects consistent with the following guidelines:

Deal Size: Up to $50 Million

Property Types: Multi-family residential, commercial, retail industrial and other vacant land in infill locations suitable for “ground up” product. For “value add” projects, existing multi-family residential, retail, and office properties in proven locations and markets with potential for upgrade through capital improvements, re-imaging and upgraded asset management.

Deal Structure: Flexible and structured to mutually satisfy seller’s and Quillin’s needs.

Locations: Los Angeles & Southern California

Target Returns: Property acquisition at a fair price, reflective of the risk and return applicable to local market conditions.


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